Yoga Bingo

21 day challenge - Beginning July 17th

Remember that life you once imagined...that life of crazy, fun, silliness?

Yoga Bingo gives you the chance to live it! 

Ok, you have a never-ending To Do list, but have you noticed: things won’t go well unless you feel good first?  Over three weeks, re-set your priorities: You first. Laundry last!  You know that voice that shouts, "You don't have enough time, you don't have enough energy, you don’t have enough money,"?  Well answer back, "I’m taking care of me now. One yoga class, one deep breath, one day at a time."     -Ok to everything else  But first, YOGA! 

It’s challenging. It’s empowering. It’s energizing.  

It’s about time to be YOU!

What's Included in our Bingo Challenge:

  • 21 Days of Unlimited Yoga: strength, balance and flexibility that just won’t quit 
  • A Yoga Guru: a one-on-one yoga consultation, a personalized yoga plan, a follow-up for your results
  • A free 45min health appraisal with Kim Connolly, a qualified health coach 
  • A Yoga Bingo card entry
  • A chance to win a month of FREE yoga !
  • Fantastic prizes- 1st prize $100*- 2nd prize $75*- 3rd prize $50*  (*studio credit) 

Incredible Value - for just $100!

What if I already have a membership? - just $5 gets you a Yoga/Bingo card & entry...or you can put your pass on hold & take advantage of the challenge super saving.

Yoga Bingo

The Rules

1. 1st prize $100 studio credit, comes with the first utter blackout of the entire board, following until 3rd prize.

2. Each space can be blacked out only if a person has checked off the specific number of sessions required on the back of the card. (e.g. Monday Funday, requires only one Monday class, but New for You, requires attendance at 2 different New classes).

3. In one visit, students may receive multiple checks. (e.g. Monday Funday and Yoga with a friend will get you 2 checks with the one class.  

4. One months free yoga to the person bringing the most new friends along during the challenge.