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Louise Ingram

  • Certified in the Classical Pilates Method - Advanced Level - Authentic Pilates Education Australia 

  • Diploma of Studio & Rehabilitation Method - Polestar Pilates Australia

  • Member of Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) -*Members of the PAA are professionally trained Pilates Instructors who have undertaken a comprehensive education program that meets very strict standards

Louise lives a very active lifestyle, originally from Sydney and with 12 years in Whistler Canada, North America's number one ski resort.
Louise completed her Classical Pilates Teacher Training in Canada with Louise Tomcheck, who is a 2nd Generation Pilates Instructor.  Proud to have been introduced to this method of body conditioning by such a passionate and knowledgable teacher. 

Louise continued her training with mentor Olga Tamara, Principal Teacher Trainer at Authentic Pilates Education Australia in Sydney and is very excited to be part of the team at Melting Pot, where we all have a shared passion for movement and healthy lifestyle.

“In my spare time you will see see me and my crazy but beautiful Hungarian Vizsla ‘Joey’ down at the Beach when Im not in the studio.

I truly believe that Pilates can benefit everyone and I look forward to working with you in the studio”.

I have been doing Pilates on & off for the past 10 years & Lou has quickly become my favourite instructor. Her passion shines through with her attention to detail as she carefully guides you into the correct position & explains what you should be feeling & how to activate those muscles. Thank you Lou, for being a breath of fresh air & sharing your passion with us all! - Kate Millar


The Studio

A light-filled studio, equipped with state of the art Gratz apparatus, the original manufacturer of the Reformer based in New York City.  The Gratz Reformer is unlike any other.  The original dimensions, proportions and spring tension have been preserved and is what will truly change your body.  Our studio focuses on providing private(one on one), semi-private (duo) and small group mat classes with a maximum of 12 clients to ensure you are receiving a high level of attention and the correct execution of each exercise.

Dedicated to preserving the integrity of the original method as created by Joseph Pilates.  The Classical Method of Pilates has stood the test of time and is an integrated and systematic method of body conditioning.  With regular practice you will not only feel better but you will see the difference in a strong, long, flexible body with good posture and alignment, which is crucial for injury prevention.

I love Lou's Pilates classes. Having done both Mat and Reformer classes, Lou is very particular with each class perfecting my form, spotting misalignment and maximising my body's ability. I can highly recommend Lou to any anyone at any fitness level. - Jasmine Littler


Benefits of Pilates

  • Improves posture, core strength and stability

  • Improves flexibility and range of movement

  • Increases muscle tone and balance

  • Encourages joint mobility and stability

  • Increases mind body awareness and co-ordination

  • Enhances vitality, stamina and performance

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

I have been doing pilates with Louise for a year now. She is excellent in demonstrating, hands on cues and helping me to achieve the most out of each class. She keeps her classes flowing and progressing by building on ability levels as you become more experienced. I highly recommend doing a class with Louise. - Kathryn McDermott

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Private Studio Classes

In a Private Studio Pilates session we will be using a combination of the Reformer, Wunder Chair and Mat.  These sessions will be personalized to your level, taking in injury rehab and modifications to special conditions that may restrict you in a group class.   For the athletic clients, you will be challenged working at a flowing pace connecting the mind to the body.  Pilates has no finish line, even at an advanced level, you can always find a deeper connection into the body.


Pilates Mat

The classical method of Pilates is an athletic and dynamic approach focusing on movement and rhythm flowing from one exercise into the next.  It is a set sequence focusing on quality not quantity, we will do very little repetitions, working the deepest muscles in your body creating a strong core.

 Pilates is designed to accommodate any level of fitness, it is corrective exercise and you will learn to progress in stages.  You will be taught the fundamentals to build a solid foundation and modifications will be given at the beginner level.

 The goal of the matwork sequence is to create a natural flow of movement.  Joe Pilates believed that proper movement should become as natural to a person as they are to an animal.  Think about when you see a cat stretch, it does so from its tail to paws.