Narelle Andren

Co-founder & yoga teacher

Narelle loves to share the exploration of yoga. To take such positive time out & really check in with ourselves on a physical & emotional level allows us to make better lifestyle choices & become less reactive.

Narelle shares her love of anatomy & creative sequences with her students, with the emphasis on breath, alignment  & space to explore, enabling everyone to find their own practice & ability. Her Power Vinyasa classes are deceptively challenging yet full of fun.


Emily McCarthy

Co-founder, yoga teacher & personal trainer. 

Movement and wellbeing has always been a priority to Emily. Ex-dancer and qualified personal trainer, she has spent her life nurturing and training body & mind. The practice of Vinyasa was what captivated and inspired her to pursue yoga as a lifestyle. Emily loves to share her creative passion with those who join her on the mat, exploring the depths of the body and the mind. 

Emily is also available for wholistic private sessions that will take your practice to the next level.


Eva-Joan Ritchie

What lights Eva up about yoga is that it encompasses all aspects of one’s being: body, mind, emotions and spirit through connecting movement to breath and awareness., leading to a greater capacity to be fully present in each moment.

Over the years, she has studied with Simon Borg-Olivier, Sarah Powers, andhas recently completed another 200h teacher training in Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation with Tina Nance, in Bali.

Eva Joan’s passion for the intricate and fascinating realms of the body-mind has also brought her to take up holistic studies and train as a herbalist, massage therapist, aromatherapist and doula – modalities that she has been using in clinical setting for the past 15 years, in Australia and overseas.


Jemima Wright

 800hr Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher

This is me, Jemima, Mother, Wife, Vegan, Yogi, or simply another being just like you. I was first introduced to yoga through the Jivamukti Yoga method, it brought the ancient teachings of yoga alive to me and i have continued my journey down this path ever since, first completing my training in New York in 2014 then completing my 800hr apprenticeship in 2016 and in 2017 was blessed to receive an advanced certification. 

My classes are lively, Up lifting and energetic. My passion lies in intertwining the ancient teachings of yoga  in a relatable and engaging way whilst also working with a deep understanding of anatomy and exploring the movement of the physical body. Infusing bhakti (devotion) through chanting and Nada (sound) through music, I love creating and making a unique experience that students can start to understand, feel and observe the deep, powerful and healing abilities of this ancient science of health… and most importantly have fun whilst doing so!


Tara Barchalk

E-RYT 500hr teacher

Tara Barchalk is a world-traveling yogi with a passion for health, wellness, and her community.  Tara has taught yoga in 7 different countries with over 550+ hours of accreditation & is recognized as an expert-level teacher with Yoga Alliance.

She currently teaches eight styles of yoga from: vinyasa, yin, sculpt, power, ashtanga, hatha, aerial, and hot yoga. Tara has dedicated her entire life to yoga and through this path has poured her heart and soul into this practice and considers this her life's purpose. 


Iyari Oakes

Iyari’s passion lies in the subtle energetic layers within the body that we can access within Yin Yoga.

“For me, yoga is a platform for self-knowledge, a space to deepen our awareness of the ‘being’.  This practise supports us to remove the constructs of the mind and enter into presence and union with the self. I trust in its ability to create deep healing physically and emotionally.”

Through her personal journey of past chronic illness, yoga was a profound foundation for healing and continues to be to this day in many areas of life. Iyari loves to share the wisdom of the body and its ability to guide us back to harmony. 


Cass Stretton

Cass is passionate about holistic health and movement in all its forms.

"Yoga has provided me with the tools to understand myself and my experiences, and a way of interacting with the world".

 Cass is a certified Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga teacher and is studied in Transpersonal Art Therapy and the Circus Arts. Her classes are devoted to creating a safe space where we explore movement, breath, sound, meditation techniques and deep self-enquiry in a playful way.